How to sell photos on BentArt

1. Make an account here Sign Up. It is 100% free to use.

2. Click on New Box

3. Upload your photos, we recommend uploading images that are at least 3MB in size.

4. From the Box Admin page select your preview thumbnails.

5. Publish the Box for sale for any price you like. Our commission is on top of your price and it is 35% of the total.


You receive your payments at the start of every month for the previous month, once your total PayOut reaches a minimum of $100.


BentArt is a marketplace of curated content, all content is checked before it can be published on the public pages.

You can upload any type of artistic content and visual art. Artistic nudity is allowed, erotic and pornographic content is not allowed.


You retain all rights to your content, BentArt is a marketplace facilitating sales of content, you maintain complete ownership of your content and you are responsible for your content and to make sure that your content is compliant with BentArt Terms of Use.


You can get in touch with us for questions, feedback and more information by sending us an email at