What is bentART

bentART is a place to sell collections of photos, videos and content in general into digital Boxes.

Are you ready to turn your content into money?

bentART puts you in control of your content and gives you the tools to monetise your original content.

You can use bentART to sell stock photography, artworks, or your personal work.

bentART is for anyone who feels the need to express themselves artistically or wants to make extra cash from their photos, videos, music, etc.

You can make your own personal page on bentART where you can post your photos and videos and sell them for any price you like.

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Who is it for?



Content Producers


How does it work?

It's 100% free to use to sell content.

You can organise your content in digital Boxes.

A Box is a digital container that can contain any number of photos, videos and other files.

You set the price for each Box.

People can buy access to your Boxes.

You can create a Free Box to showcase your portfolio, personal work, etc.

Let's talk money

You receive 65% of each sale.

You receive 5% of each sale from every user you refer to bentART for the first year.

You receive your payments every month via bank transfer or PayPal.

What can I sell?

You can post and sell any type of digital content.

Your personal page is your online shop for your photos, videos, documents, etc and you can use it to invite your fans and potential buyers.

Adult content is not allowed though, we have nothing against it but it's a requirement by the payment processors and we need to play by their rules.

You can decide how many previews are available per each Box.

You can create as many Boxes as you like, no limit.

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Do you have any questions? You can reach us at any time at info@bentart.co. We're just an email away.

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